The Mind Muscle Connection




Up until a few months ago, I had heard about the mythical “mind muscle connection” but had discounted it.  The theory goes that there is a connection to the made between your muscles and your mind-after all, your brain sends the impulse that commands your muscles to contract right? Here is actually a really nice article on it  Previously I had always weight lifted like an athlete, I moved the weight however possible, almost reacting to the load of weight that I had to move.  Lately, I’ve concentrated on slower more deliberate movements and have focused a lot more on the actual contraction of the muscle.  I have seen a increase in upper body strength and mass for sure with this method. As for lower body, I can’t say for sure the strength/mass gained but I do know my form has been better and I have been getting hurt less often.  I will have a post about an upper body workout early next week,  But just to touch on today, it was a lower body workout and I went super slow on my squats and single legged leg presses.  I only performed 10 total sets(6 sets squats, 4 sets single legged leg presses)but I was barely able to make it back to my car in the parking lot!  

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